I’m participating in the ms150

I’m participating Hello in the ms150 in Illinois this year. For anyone that doesn’t know, More info can be found here. My cousin INETD has MS, which really sucks. I figure after all the stupid and selfish shit I’ve done over the years maybe I should try give a little back. A few days of riding a bike is a All small price to lay for the funds that get raised to help research this.
Jeff Buraglio changing has organized an entire team of folks riding. I think this is something I may do again next year, I’m kinda getting into this training thing. wholesale jerseys If you are willing to donate to sponsor me please do, it’s for a good cause and is tax deductable.
I’ll be riding the new Trek that Rebecca got me for our 5 year anniversary. Rebecca will also be riding this year in this fine event (on her new Trek). We got them Hello both at champaign cycle. I highly recommend them.
On the same note, I’ve kinda been wanting to get another BMX bike after seeing my friends Mark’s. I almost bought a free agent on ebay the other day……..

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