I’m such a spaz.

I’m such a spaz. My interests are all over the place. I don’t think that just one blog is enough so therefore I’m playing with the idea of breaking it up into 3 categories. One of my friends, Mike Aref, has just put his training journal online and it has given me inspiration to do the same. I think I’ll be breaking up my blog into 3 blog-like sections, training, technical/geeky, and hobbies (like beer, film, games, travel, etc)….I hope this will do a few things, document my technical stuff, record my training and catalog my hobbie stuff. We shall see…..

Ahhh, many things have happened

Ahhh, many things have happened since my last post. I went to seattle to help with Scinet, Rebecca and I went to Mexico (cabo san lucas) for vacation, and I’ve been preparing for my return trip to Seattle for Supercomputing ’05. The one thing I hate about travel is that it interrupts my training schedule. I especially miss the submission wrestling and jiu jitsu, I even miss the conditioning. I had to miss 2 submission tournaments and have to miss one more. Kinda sucks, I have not done a tournament in a year now and really want to test myself again. Anyway, some exciting stuff is going on, working with the smart guys over at the pfsense project……just wait and see what comes out next. All of you router monkeys are going to like it….a lot. I’m also itching to do another tri or duathlon. I’m toying with the idea of doing one of the indoor ones in Janurary. Who knows….. I’ll post some pics from my next trip to Seattle (BTW, Seattle is very, very cool).