Wow. The 650 is much

Wow. The 650 is much different than the 600. I opted to get a 650 as opposed to waiting for the 700w (Palms first PocketPC based device), I generally never get something I need to rely heavily on that is a first release, or the 700p (palm based, supposedly exclusive to SprintPCS for 6 months after release).

I have had to re-learn a lot of the subtleties of the treo platform. Below is a list of some of the problems I ran into:

1. My Treo would not sync with my powerbook using the default palm conduits. This was a huge problem for me as I normally use my treo as the master and just do a sync to back it up. I purchased The Missing Sync to try and rectify this problem. I was planning on getting anyway so I could use the cool SD Card mounting feature.

2. I had many issues using the missing sync initially. Most of this stemmed from me not reading all of the caveats involved. The one that confounded me the longest was the “handheld overwrites device” issue addressed here.

3. My calendars and address book are extremely important to me. I have them in many places so I do not lose them. It was not clear to me just how unorganized they actually were. I had to do some substantial cleaning to get them to look nice again and I am still weeding out double entries in my calendar. This is deeply rooted, probably from me moving around from calendar program to calendar program such as Palm desktop, iCal, sunbird, etc. It is my opinion that there is no good calendar program out there. Some just suck less or in different ways. iCal would probably be my choice as “sucks least” but it’s lack of support for publishing to (or is it subscribing to?) SSL webdav servers is just plain sad. There is no good technical excuse that I can think of for not having this capability.

4. Secure imap support in a “free or cheap” mail client. I used to use chattermail but it would crash my 600. I really liked the way it looked and that it could use the SD card for mail storage. I never purchased it, instead opting to use the demo version then removing it when it locked up my 600. I tried to install it on the SD card since my palm is pretty full with apps, having only a few Meg free. It complained that it needed something installed on the device (I’m assuming it wanted it installed in RAM). I tried to use FileZ to move it and it’s components to the internal space and that sent my 650 into a reboot loop. A reboot loop is a nightmare. I eventually got it out of the loop after trying a soft reset and a warm reset. After the warm reset it booted but any time it tried to read from the internal memory it went right back to the reboot loop. I had to do a hard reset to fix the issue. A pain to say the least but a known fix for palm app problems. I found this article useful on this process.
Back to secure imap. I eventually realized that Versamail, which came with my Verizon Treo 650, had SSL support. I have it installed and working, although it seems more limited than Chattermail. I also cannot seem to get sSMTP working with authentication to my postfix server. I get SSL errors on the postfix box. Still investigating. I also have yet to figure out if Versamail can store mail on the SD card, my belief is that it can not.

5. Backup solutions. I knew there were many. I wanted a good one that was free. I found 2 that I like a lot so far. BackupMan is really nice. It’s $10 but will work for manual backups without paying. I suggest paying the $10 if for no other reason than to support the author. It will not do automated backups if run from the SD card. VfsBackup, not to be confused with VFSBackup, which I have not used but looks curiously similar to BackupMan. These will backup your device to a nice nifty archive on an expansion card. A priceless tool if you rely on your PDA as much as I do.

I am still waiting on my accessories, our shipping and receiving dept is shut down for the holidays. I am assuming I”ll get them Tuesday (01/03/2006).

More to come…

Wow, the treo 650 is

Wow, the treo 650 is a huge step up from the Treo 600. Better Screen, better camera, MUCH better QWERTY keyboard, etc, etc. I’ve had mine about 24 hours now and damn, I like it a LOT. I am still waiting on my accessories, Plantronics BT headset and cool rubberized case but even w/o them this thing is very nice. A few things to note if upgrading from the 600:
The connector is different. You’ll have to get a new car charger and cradle.
Bluetooth is crippled on the verizon unit. Follow these instructions for unlocking it
buy some stuff from Treonauts. This guy provides a nice resource for Treo users.

I added a seperate sub

I added a seperate sub category (that I hope to recruit some people to work on with me); beer reviews. I’ve always wanted to do beer write-ups but have never really been a “beer expert” or a “beer snob” so I thought that I probably shouldn’t do it. Then I got to thinking, maybe thats why I *should* do it. I always hated reading pretentious beer drinkers account of some beer they had after playing a polo match or before getting into their limo to be whisked away to their private jet and flown to switzerland to count their money. I like beer. Sometimes I get good beer, sometimes not. Either way I hope to write about it in this Beer review. Maybe some people will add to it.

I made my request for

I made my request for a Verizon Treo 650 this week to replace my beat up Treo 600. After much researach and reading I came to the following accessories:

Plantronics Voyager 510 headset: $52.24

Spare Battery TRE650BAT $29.99
Car Charger TRE650VPC $22.49
Spec Skintight Holster $34.95
Screen protectors $15.95

These were heavily influenced by stuff I’ve seen other people with as well as reviews on Treonauts
I find this device, while a little large for my tastes, to be invaluable. I hate having a lot of crap with me but I need the functions of an organizer and the fact that there is decent speed internet access (1xRTT; roughly 144k) and a wealth of net apps that take advante of the net and even more that are just plain useful make it a “must consider” device for someone that needs help organizing themselves or just someone that likes gadgets.
Here are some useful apps to wet your palet:


KeyCaps600 (and 650) KeyCaps650 lets you set your keys to generate capital letters when pressing twice (among other things).

Profiles Lets you control volume, color, brightness, keyguard, bean receive, and many more things.

A pretty good list of starter apps can be found here.

What is it about

What is it about today? So many posts! (I had some free time). It’s a widely known fact that I love T-Shirts. I have a fairly extensive collections that contains shirts that I’ve had for half of my life (yeah, I have 15 year old T-Shirts, what of it?!?) I have always wanted to start a T-Shirt company, not for profit so much as for fun. This may become a reality, but thats a story for another time. I was looking for something fun and found 3 pretty good places online to get shirts. has some awesome shirts, I particularly like the “Jesus” shirt (referenced from The Big Lebowski, which is a must own IMO). Brew City Online has some great beer related shirts, I recommend picking one up. But the mother load of them all HAS to be Found Item Clothing. This guy has followed every detail on some CLASSIC shirts. I have ordered a few from him and he always ships promptly and the product is exactly as described. I strive to have all the ones he makes, since they are all classics in my book.

I enjoy beer. I

I enjoy beer. I don’t drink as much of it as I used to, but on occasion I like to down a few good ones (I’ll also down a few bad ones if that is all there is). I wouldn’t say I’m a “Beer Snob” as I’ve been known to drink anything from PBR, Natural Lite and Stag to a $12 imported porter. I’m not normally a big fan of the lighter stuff but I came across this ale, Smithwick’s. It’s just the right blend if what I like. A little bite but smooth at the end. From
“Made by Guinness in Ireland, Smithwick’s is inspired by John Smithwick’s original recipe, which was first brewed at St. Francis Abbey in Kilkenny, Ireland. St. Francis Abbey has been in operation since 1710, making it one of Ireland’s oldest breweries.”
I’d recommend trying this if you can find it (which has been my problem as of late). It’s smooth enough that a casual light beer drinker would probably enjoy it but flavorful enough that even a beer snob probably wouldn’t snicker. I’d really like to find some more of it, I had a 6 pack given to me and I just finished off the last one. I’ve tried looking online as well as every local place in Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington and other surrounding Central Illinois towns with no success. I hear tale that it’s found primarily in larger cities, St. Louis, Chicago, etc., but last time I looked in STL it I couldn’t find it there either (granted I didn’t look that hard). If anyone knows somewhere in Central IL (or online) that I can order this please let me know. I’d love to get my hands on some more.

training againSo I started training

training again

So I started training again after a month and a half of on-again off-again training and boy does it go quickly as you get older. The submission wrestling and cycling cardio are quick to slip away. Having been wrestling now for about 2 weeks (at 2 times a week, I’m not yet up to 4 again) I thought the cardio was a little better, but alas, as I hit the cycle at the gym this morning I was rudely awakened by tired legs and sucking wind. I’d really like to get a training rig and some mats for my basement but have not had the time or motivation to properly research it.

The breakup of the blog

The breakup of the blog really didn’t work. I have been so busy with work that I didn’t post at all. I had been traveling a lot lately, Seattle, Mexico, back to Seattle. All in all I was gone about a month. Seattle is probably the coolest US city I’ve been to, not as rain-soaked as many say. Both times I was there (a 4 day trip and an 11 day trip) for work it drizzled a bit but for the most part it was pretty nice. I would love to go again, it seems like the Pacific Northwest is somewhere I could stay for a while. Supercomputing was great as always, awesome food, cool projects, fun times. We did have time to hit the REI store, several of us climbed the pinnacle (which I had never done before).

I did the NCSA booth this year as well as worked with SCinet on various things. I had the best seafood that I’ve ever had in my life, if you are a fan of seafood I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to the Washington coast area. Some pics from the trip.

Something else announced, Force10 networkshas acquired a pretty cool little company; Meta Networks. For those that don’t know, Meta Networks makes a very cool IDS card that can do 10gig with minimal overhead to the host OS. At SC|05 they announced the purchase and gave a little talk regarding the product. Livio Ricciulli, the founder of Meta Networks was there to help with the product, which was used by SCinet to help secure the very high performance network. VERY cool stuff indeed. I like the idea of the programmable card (that can do a LOT of cool stuff) a little more than the way that Endace cards operate, although the endace 10gig cards are very nice as well.