Well, I listed the bulk

Well, I listed the bulk of my Neo-Classic (1990-2000) Star Wars collection on ebay. It’s kinda sad really, I wanted to collect these so bad to I guess try and recapture some of my early childhood. I had actually almost forgotten I had all of thisewhen my parents asked me to take some tubs of stuff out of their basement. I’d been wanting to get a new road bike but didn’t want to part with the money so I decided to sell this stuff to cover (I hope) most of a new Bianchi Eros or Veloce. I will certainly be sad to see it go but hopefully it’ll go to a kid that will actually play with it and enjoy having his or her own battles and adventures like I did with my early stuff back in the 80’s. Here is the link to the auction

So I’ve had basically the

So I’ve had basically the same palmos environment for about 4 years now. From my Sony Clie to my Treo600 to my Treo650 I’ve just done a sync when I got me new device and been done with it. I know, being a technical person I should know better, and I did, but I’m sometimes lazy when I shouldn’t be. It was the 2gig SD card that I got for $80 at Circuit City that made me do it. I want to be able to keep TV episodes on it and there was something that was causing a nasty reboot every time I tried to play an mp3 or a video with mp3 audio. Well, I got crazy the other night, did a few backups and blanked the device. I then did a sync of JUST my calendar and contacts. So far, so good. When it came time to start adding apps I found that a lot of the stuff in my “archive” directory was not *really* being used. I decided to do an additive approach. I’ve so far only added apps to the RAM that I know I use every day. First things first. An uninstall manager. This will keep track of any stray apps I install and all their weird tmp files for possible later removal. This is very important (so I’ve read) so I did it.

The first app I loaded was callfilter . This is a _MUST_ have app if you get a lot of calls and or txt messages. It’s like a firewall for you phone, or an electronic receptionist. There are so many useful features in this app that I get excited just thinking about it. Buy it, it’s worth every penny. I then loaded simpe profile manager which is FREE and integrates right with callfilter. Both apps together are an unstoppable juggernaut. Powerrun came next. It allows for the easy and clean use of apps from the SD card. TCPMP is also a MUST have app. How else will I watch episides of scrubs that I pull off the tivo and compress? After the rest was installed (pssh, Toccer, BackupBuddy). Overall I have 18mb free now where I used to have 4. Everything works great. This was _long_ overdue.

Treo a conversation piece?This week

Treo a conversation piece?

This week I went to our office in Arlington, VA to help test some fiber for 10g deployment and noticed something interesting. As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight back a guy sitting next to me asked about my treo. Now, this wouldn’t really be that interesting except for the fact that since I landed here just over 24 hours ago he is the 3rd person to strike up a conversation with me based on my treo 650. it’s almost like an exclusive club that many are either in (by having a treo) or are interested in bein in. So many people realize that the treo is a handy, useful tool and are just bursting at the seams to talk about what they, and you, do with it. However nerdy and dorky it sounds, the treo is the exclusive conversation piece of the day.

Stovepipe Porter

Dark and smokey (hence the name) and more hoppy than I expected. This is a good beer, sharp and not sweet like I expected. Brewed by otter creek brewing company and good with food. I enjoyed mine with dinner and the dinner I had really complimented the robust flavor. I’m not sure of the alcohol content but I picked mine up at the local piccadilly as a 6 pack and was buzzed after 2. Recomended for something a little different.

I happen to LOVE

I happen to LOVE fast times at rigemont high. We had been talking abou t this at work, and I got to laughing at my favorite parts, namely the Jeff Spicoli scene with the bagel. It’s a well known fact that I love 80’s movies. Although Fast Times was a little before my time I did grow up watching a lot of movies in the genre on HBO or Beta and even more at the beloved Clintonia Theater.

Since I know there has to be at least a few others that appreciate the humor that I do I thought I’d post a link to some good spicoli stuff. The ironic thing is that this page was originally created and hosted at my current workplace.

I just got a

I just got a helix face in belt clip holster and I must say it’s pretty nice. It does not protect the treo like a cover or a sleeve but it is “face
in” which is pretty nice for someone that bumps their phone on a lot of stuff. It comes with 2 clips
that can be interchanged. It’s a cheap alternative to the Seidio case, the only differences I can
find other than the clips are the seidio has a felt type inside and the Helix uses very soft, supple
I believe the helix may have a little better hold on the bottom of the device but I don’t have a
Seidio to compare to.
One BIG plus of this case, like the Seidio, it is very compact. It holds the device very close to the body, not hanging out where it can be easily bumped and hit. The helix also comes with a changeable clip, one lower profile (the one I prefer) and one that it detachable. A nice little spin on a pretty good case. It allows access to all the botom ports and all the top ports if you like to leave your treo in a case when not wearing it.
The only cons that I have found are that, on occasion, when I receive a call and pull out the phone it will be answered. I believe this is due to me or the case bumping a button and it doesn’t happen all the time.
The Helix is cheaper than the Seidio (especially if you get it from ebay like I did) and I think just as good if not better. I’d give it a thumbs up.

A few years ago I

A few years ago I got into brazilian jiu jitsu and submission wrestling. It’s been somewhat of an obsession since then, taking any free time I can find to train or cross-train for it. As I’m getting a little older and 15 years of hard skateboarding have taken it’s toll on my poor knees and back, I try to train as hard as I can now for fear that I won’t be able to later. Well, for about 2 and a half years I’ve been talking about getting mats or a mat for my house so I can train here too. Expense and space were a factor until the last year, as of then it’s just been indecisiveness. Well, thanks to a friend of mine who will remain nameless, I have a big ol’ mat now. It’s roughly 12’x20′ and takes up a decent amount of my basement. Some guys that routinely beat up on me helped me get it down there and it’s probably not coming out in one piece. Actually, it’s quite handy for stretching as well, I use it every morning before I work out to stretch on and it’s nice and soft. I certainly am a lucky person =)