Well, I sold and shipped

Well, I sold and shipped the last of my neo-classic star wars toys today. I’m a little sad about it but at 31 years old I don’t think I’ll be playing with them. With the money I bought a new 2005 Bianchi Velochi from bikeworks in Urbana, IL. I got a sweet deal on it and it is one hell of a bike. He’s building it right now and I should have it this week. I rode a few other bikes, a Trek and a Lemond (AL frame bikes) but none were as smooth as the Bianchi’s I rode. The creamy shifting and light, quick but smooth ride was something I couldn’t stop thinking about as I rode the others. It’d not a daily rider, mind you. That seat is reserved for my Trek 7300FX, but it’ll be a sweet training and race bike!

Time for a break!

Well, Triathlon season is starting up so I won’t be doing a lot of drinking. I may make a post here and there but I don’t expect to be doing any kind of regular review till early September when all the races and training start to die down. On a lighter note, I came across 2 cases of Smithicks! Sadly, most of it is going ot have to wait a while before it gets to be enjoyed (unless my wife drinks it all!)