An enjoyable ride

I snapped this pic with my treo on a nice little ride I took over about 15 miles east of my house. It was a calm day, not too much wind and not too hot. A very enjoyable ride. If only every day could be like that, now that it’s >90 degrees. What happened too all the 70 degree days?

Moorehouse black cat

A very tasty english black ale, the Moorehouse Black Cat is a dark malty ale. Full flavored with a little hoppy after taste. It is surprisingly refreshing, not overly filling, not overly hoppy. I don’t know the alcohol content, it’s not terribly strong, i’d estimate mayby a 6 or 7%. I picked this up at the local friar tuck for $3.99. I’d recommend this for anyone that likes dark brews.

Sergio’s in Clinton

We went down to Clinton tonight to see some family and take care of some stuff. We decided to make an evening of it and wanted to head back to Sergio’s for dinner.

This place is one of the best kept secrets of my home town of Clinton, IL. Sergio’s mexican restaraunt has the absolutely undisputed best burritos i’ve ever had. Their $4.85 burrito is the size of a labamba super and their $9 burrito….well it needs it’s own zip code. I’d seriously be surprised if it weighed less than 5lbs. Plan on eating it for more than one meal. If you ever get the chance, stop by there. you won’t regret it. They’re open 10am to 10pm tues – sat.
Above is a pic I snapped with my treo, it’s of the regular ($4.85) chicken burrito. I had a hard time finishing it. I’ve only seen a $9 on one occasion, it was frighteningly heavy and a huge burrito.

MS 150 2006 is creeping up!

I’m doing the MS150 bike ride again this year. It’s creeping up and I have not done any training other than short rides since my triathlon in Sullivan on May 6th. Weather has been crummy, and my new steed has been sitting in the garage begging to go for a decent ride.
But thats really not what the MS150 is about.
Along with Team Remarkable we hope to raise some good money for MS research. Rebecca and I are both riding along with many other family members. We ride for my cousin Mark Buraglio, who was diagnosed with MS in 1995. All donations are tax deductable and they all go to a great cause.

To donate to me just click here.
To donate to Rebecca click here

Every donation helps.

Import from blogger…

Well, as you can see if you actually read this thing, I got the entire blog imported from blogger. It really was a pretty easy task. There is a lot of documentation on doing it.
I started with this but it wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped. I then googled for this and found pretty much everything I could have imagined regarding the process. Anyone looking to do the same should check out this article. It tell you stem by step pretty much everything you need to do.
Everything is now in a nice sql database for easy backups and I have control over the whole process. It’s also nice that I can publish images directly from my treo.

A change in the works

I decided to move to a content management system that I have a little more control over. As of tonight, I have migrated to a Movable Type setup. All the previous articles have been archived at
I hope to get them imported into MT but have yet to be successful in doing so. Hopefully this will make for more frequent updates since I can update it more easily from my Treo 650.

A neat concept

Even thought I just bought a new one, I really like the idea of not using a car, but instead being able to do day-to-day stuff on a bicycle. There are several reasons I feel this way, the first being that I strongly dislike being in a car. It’s not that comfortable (yes, I’m even talking about luxury cars), they’re expensive, gas prices are out-freakin-rageous, and the excercise you get on a bike is good for you. Not to mention it’s better for the environment.
I ride my bike to work whenever weather permits, I think more people should do the same. I think that the guys over at Xtracycle have a novel idea. An SUB, sport utility bicycle. They’re ugly, but they look like they could work well for for carrying around day-to-day stuff.

Bianchi Veloce; Italian Steel…

Well, I finally got the new road bike that I had been selling all my stuff off to get. It was a long process, dealing with Bianchi sending the wrong bike, Bikeworks getting enough time to assemble it, getting it home, getting clipless shoes (expensive!!) etc, etc. But it’s finally here and I must say, it’s FAST. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Trek 7300FX, I ride it to work whenever weather and work permits, but this is a road bike, and it’s quite a different experience. It’s almost like comparing apples to oranges, they’re both fruit but too different to compare. I have had it a week as of today and the weather has been crummy since the day after I got it so I’ve only been on two short rides, but WOW! The clipless pedals make a HUGE difference. The carbon fork and slick campagnolo components don’t hurt either. I can’t wait to take this puppy on a 30+ mile run. I was hoping to ride from Champaign to Clinton tomorrow but the weather doesn’t look like it’ll permit. Maybe next weekend.

I did the Sullivan, IL

I did the Sullivan, IL Triathlon this sunday (4/30/06). It was REALLY windy with gusts of up to 37mph, which really sucked for the bike ride. I was hoping to ride my new Bianchi but it wasn’t done yet. I did ok, my knees were burning up so I didn’t time as well as I’d hoped but still finished with a respectable time (especially for someone who barely trained). Detals can be found here.

I also bought a new car last week (it’s been a busy week). The old Beretta that I inherited from Rebecca was having some fairly serious problems so we decided to get me a new car. I was on the fence regarding what exactly to buy, I knew I wanted a subaru but didn’t know which one. I wanted something with room to haul stuff but the forester seemed just a little too big and the Outback seemed too much like a wagon. The Imprezia was attractive but a little too small so I drove an imprezia outback sport and it was perfect. Small, good gas mileage, but lots of room. Pics can be found here.