Ready to Ride…

Well, after my whirlwind trip to Tampa for a SCinet meeting and several hours of delays in the airport, including a delay that should-have-but-somehow-didn’t cost me my connecting flight back to C-U, I’m rested and ready to ride the MS150. My back is still a little stiff and crooked from the muscle I pulled like 2 weeks ago, but I did a few 35 mile training rides and everything seems to be ok.
I’m curious about staying in the NIU dorms, I never lived in a dorm in college (thankfully) and neither did Rebecca. we’ll see how well that works out. Weather is looking fairly good for DeKalb for the weekend, with cooler temperatures and a slight chance for a shower on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. All systems are a go, I just need to give the bikes a “once-over”, get a new pair of cycling gloves and pack everything into the vehicle. All systems are a go. More to come as the weekend shakes out.

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