HAM Sexy

Well, I am officially a “nerd” according to most of my friends. I set a goal for myself to get my HAM radio license, for a few reasons. The first being that I am goinf to be in Tampa, FL at the tail end of hurricane season adn want a way to contact people not via net or phone if need be. The second being that I have a severe lack of electronics knowledge and thought this would be a good way to get introduced. I sat for the Tech ticket last Sunday and passed it and was issued KC9JVU as my callsign as of yesterday. I applied for a vanity callsign today so we’ll see how long that takes. I have been playing with echomac and the IRLP stuff, it’s pretty slick; right up my alley with the VoIP stuff. Now I can legally have a scanner in my car, too. Now to re-learn morse code……

Joint Techs

I went to Joint Techs in Madison, Wi this week. Overall it was pretty good, I learned a lot of stuff and experienced a lot of the dynamics of some major networking initiatives. Madison is a great city, I’d never been there and Rebecca had been saying it was really funa nd beautiful. She was right. Pics from the event can be found here. They were all taken with my treo so they’re not the greatest. I had Blatz on tap and even brought home a 12 pack of it. I also had some of the best fish I’ve had in a while, overall it was a good trip.

Strangers With Candy Movie

One of the greatesst shows of all times is coming to the bug screen! I’ve been waiting for this for a LONG time. Strangers with Candy, one of the least PC and smartest shows to come out of Comedy Central is coming to theaters this month. I have a feeling that I’ll have to wait for it to make it to Champaign, IL but hopefully it’ll be worth it. I absolutely loved this show, as did many of my friends, but alas, many did not (or don’t) appreciate it’s humor much like many of the shows I enjoy[ed].
Anyway, supposedly the “new” show “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” is just as, if not more crass. I’ve been looking for the first season and just set up a season pass on my tivo for this season. We’ll see if it can live up to my expectations.

There is nothing better than comedy that takes no prisoners and pulls no punches.

American Hardcore

I just read on a message board that I sometimes look at about a movie coming out based on the 2001 book American Hardcore by Steven Blush. It looks pretty good as far as documentaries go, although there was talk of how the book was somewhat incorrect. Of course, it is based on one guy’s experience as far as I know. I ordered the book today so I’ll hopefully get that read before the film is out, if not I’ll probably have to wait to see it. These are probably some of my favorite bands and types of music, although I came in after most of it was over in the late 80’s, partially due to the fact that I was born in 1975 and partially because I lived in a small midwestern town of about 7000 people with no real ties to anywhere that anything groundbreaking was happening. More info can be found here.
Trailer for the movie via youtube.com: