Kuato Lives!

I happen to love t-shirts. I’d be so bold as to say that I collect them, especially shirts that remind me of growing up. A group of us were talking about Total Recall, Kuato specifically, and I thought it would be cool to have a Kuato Lives shirt. Low and behold, someone else has already done it!
You can get the shirt from Cafe Press. I think I may order one.

Quaid, open your mind to him….


CU Across the Prairie

A few friends and I did the CU Across the prairie ride yesterday. The weather pretty much sucked, raining on us the majority of the ride. Sice the weather was so bad we opted to do the 47 mile route as opposed to the Metric century like last year. I must say, this year the ride was much less of a “Scenic” route than last year, and I, overall, was a little disapointed. Last year it seemed really well run with more SAG vehicles (that I saw at least), more stops and MUCH better directional markings . On more than one occasion we saw cyclists going the wrong way. The markings were in very inconsistent places making is fairly difficult to navigate given higher speeds and/or rain in your eyes. Maybe I was just less tolerant because of the weather, but the widely ranging placement of the markings was very annoying to me. A few of the roads were freshly graveled which also made for a very unpleasant stretch. High pressure tires and gravel roads don’t mix well. Obviously the planners have no control over when which roads get resurfaced, nevertheless it was still not a fun few miles of road.
Overall it was still a really fun ride, I plan to do it again next year and would never recommend against it. Hopefully weather will be a little more cooperative.


Rebecca and I spent the weekend in downtown chicago to “get away” for a bit. It really was quite relaxing, even with my aggrivated back. We got the hookup and got into the Shed Aquarium for free, and circumvented the hour-long line. Quite cool. We enjoyed Shark Week, something I’ve done for a long time and were looking forward to seeing the sharks there. We certainly weren’t disapointed. I forgot the camera but managed to snap some crappy pics with my treo. They can be found here

Reno, NV and the Dilly Willy (or Willy Dilly)

I went to a SCinet meeting last week in Reno, NV to which I’d never been. I’ve also never been to Las Vegas, but Rebecca told me basically waht it was like, something that isn’t really my style. I don’t smoke and I don’t gamble, both of which are abundant in Reno. The hotel/casino we stayed in and had our meetings in reminded me of the movie Casino, everyone looking out of style and place. Most were almost Zombie-ish. I did manage to gamble a grand total of $2 in the 3 days I was there; I don’t see the draw. Since supercomputing will be there in 2007 we figured we should find at least *something* to do. We happpened across a _nice_ brewpub. By nice I mean that they had a fairly comprehensive selection of beers that they make there. I managed to sample almost alll of the varieties, including the porter, stout, IPA and several of the what beers. All were very good, highly recommended in fact. The name of the place is the Great Basin Brewing Company, and so far it’s the best thing I’ve seen in Reno. They also had a fried dill pickly, which we managed to try. It was ……interesting. Not too bad actually. I’d eat one again.

We had to fly back the day after the brits foiled the terrorist thing on the 10th, it made for an interesting day at the airports. All the time on the plane aggrivated my back again…..fun.

Champaign Park District Mini-Tri 2006

I did the “24th annual” Champaign Park District mini-triathlon again this year. It’s a very short sprint triathlon that the Champaign Park District puts on every year, it’s usually pretty fun, being very short and very close to my house. I had originally planned on training for this at least a little, but alas, I didn’t. Overall I did ok, placing 83rd overall out of 350 with a final time of 48 minutes and 01 seconds. Not terrible I guess for not having trained anything but cycling since the sullivan triathlon. Total results can be found here.
The swim was a bit different this year. They had us start in the lazy river, which was, in my opinion, too shallow. I would estimate that 80% of the participants just walked though that part. After that, swimmers had to exit the water, run to the pool and finish in there. It was very odd and I think many didn’t like it. Personally, I didn’t care since thats my least favorite part anyway. We’ll see if they do it that way next year, I suspect that they’ll get rid of the lazy river leg of the swim.

Chad Vader

Someone emailed this to me and I found it quite amusing. “Chad” Vader as a day manager of a supermarket. A little weird but entertaining nontheless.
There are 2 “episodes” that I have seen so far:

“Episode 1”

“Episode 2”