Lenny Buraglio, February 2000 – December 11, 2006

December 11, 2006 was quite possibly the worst day I’ve ever had. Not only did we lose a best friend to an unnecessary, insidious form of cancer, but he was taken from us after less than 7 years. Although no amount of time would ever have been enough, 6 and a half years was far, far too short.
Lenny became a quick part of our family because of his sweet disposition and laid back attitude. He was a positive constant in our lives almost from the time we got married. We will always remember the good times we had going to the park, goofing around or just laying on the couch. He will never be forgotten and can certainly never be replaced. His departure leaves a gaping hole that can never be filled.
I like to think that I learned a lot about myself and am a better person for having had him in my life.

His company and companionship is, and always will be, sorely missed.


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