iPhone pricing leaked….

Some stuff as leaked about the pricing of the iPhone from apple to be launched by Cingular/AT&T in the next few months. Surprisingly (to me at least) the prices were $200 lower than was expected. I’m still ion the fence about switching to Cingular and gettin an iPhone. I like the idea of Rollover, and I love the idea of having a SIM in my phone. On the other hand, I have been relatively happy with Verizon for a few years and I don’t think I can give up the calendar or functions my Treo offers.
We all should have such problems…..

This image is a link, I don’t want to post the original since people have been called to pull it.

An iPod vending machine?

In the airport in Minneapolis, MN there were at LEAST 2 vending machines (in the American Airlines terminal) for iPods. I literally did a double take, then wished I would have come up with the idea. Put your credit card in and get any model of ipod, from shuffle to 80gig video. They also had accessories, chargers, and prepaid cingular mobile phones. Put in your credit card and get an ipod, it was actually pretty slick.