Learning Ruby

I am not a programmer, but the idea of creating useful software intrigues me. I’ve taught myself enough Python to do simple things and I can usually modify and understand most Perl scripting as well as do some stuff in PHP.
Ruby is something that I always heard was really nice (much like Python), so I decided I was going to try and learn some of it. There are some really useful tools for doing things on your OS X mac with ruby (and Python), things like RB-Appscript, an apple event bridge for Ruby. It allows for applescript functionality within Ruby.
Anyway, I came across This Mail.app Speedup “Hack” and decided to write a Ruby script to do it for me when called from the CLI. Here is the result. If you use it, I take no responsibility, I’m not a programmer.
Ruby is pretty slick, I think I may actually try and use it and learn it a little better.