iPhone or not?

Well, I’ve decided that I think I’m going to wait and not get an iPhone. As much of an Apple zealot as I am, this may seem like a strange choice. Well, with a lot of the details surfacing with it’s impending release, I think it’s just too early. While I believe Apple is a very good company and makes quality hardware and software, I think that this is far too new of a market for them. The lack of a[n easily] user replaceable battery and a brand new touchscreen technology is just too many new variables. I was always taught to never buy into a first release of something that is very important, let someone else work out the bugs.
Instead, I’ve decided to still switch to AT&T (from Verizon, whom I’ve had for years) to make it easier to change devices and to get rollover and to go with the Treo 680.

My reasonings are founded based on primarily rumor, since the iPhone is not yet available. Check out the rumor postings here.