David Lynch Hates People Who Watch Movies on the iPhone

As much as I respect DAvid Lynch, I have to disagree about watching movies on the iPhone (or laptop, or any mobile device). It’s too darned convenient when traveling, even if it does change the experience.
From Gizmodo: Always thought that watching movies on a tiny portable device is a crummy experience in pretty much every way possible. Crazy-ass director David Lynch (of Mulholland Dr., Lost Highway and Twin Peaks fame) thinks so too. Vehemently. And even if he is a little nuts, his faux iPhone ad both educates and entertains.

This is probably NSFW:

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DARPA Develops Brain Chemical to Replace Sleep

In the “huh? seriously?” category, and as the line between science fiction and reality becomes increasingly blurry, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has always led the pack in terms of weird & wacky innovations. This time Darpa-funded scientists have found a drug that eliminates sleepiness with a nasal spray of a key brain hormone, with no apparent side-effects.

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