Great image

There is something wrong, and yet so right about this image.

help desk fire

I didn’t make it but I sure do love it. I don’t work helpdesk but I used to have a bunch of helpdesk guys that would “human shield” me from the customers and some of the stuff they had to deal with was un-freaking-believable.

“I can’t get my email, you’d better turn that damned server back on!” -Angry Old guy who would yell and hang up. Circa 2001

Man on Wire Movie

This Movie / Documentary looks very cool. IT should be playing at Boardman’s soon. This guy is crazy, but it kinda makes sense.

It’s getting great reviews:

“I am afraid of heights. Now you know. That is one reason I was helplessly engrossed in “Man on Wire,” the story of how Philippe Petit crossed eight times on a tight-wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center on Aug. 7, 1974. Another reason is that the documentary, a hybrid of actual and restaged footage, is constructed like a first-rate thriller.”- Roger Ebert * * * *

“James Marsh’s brilliant documentary on a Frenchman’s 1974 high-wire walk between the twin towers has the pace of a thriller and the human interest of a psychological drama.”- LA Times

pfSense certificate chain import code

I updated some code to make importing certificate chains work under pfSense. It’s been a long time coming and the code is probably messy since I’m not a programmer but, for anyone that needs this, it should work.

There are 4 files that need touched:

All are contained in the tar file here.

These were all written under 1.2, so using them on other versions may cause unforseen weirdness.


Please, remember that these are currently unsupported by the pfsense team, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help but I do have a day job and somewhat of a life, so I’ll answer as I get time. Use at your own risk, I’m not a developer so these may not be optimal code, insert other random disclaimer here.

Post on the pfSense forum

Buraglio’s Milk (sweet) Stout recipe.

Since many folks have asked for this recipe, I decided that I should actually go and copy it from my notes to my Google Docs archhive of recipes.

This beer was a bit of a surprise, I made it with some pretty old ingredients a little last minute and didn’t expect much from it.  I pitched it onto an existing yeast cake from my vanilla porter and just let it go.  It was the 3rd batch I’d ever done and, boy, it turned out GREAT.  I still think this is the best brew I’ve ever made.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to *truly* recreate it’s uniqueness in origin but I will certainly be making another batch of this in the next few months.

A link to the Google Document can be foundhere, or a local copy can be found here in my brew archive.

This is a good one. If you like a good sweet stout then by all means make a batch of this.