It’s always sunny

I happen to love It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.
I find it’s lack of tact and willingness to push the envelope of good taste refreshing. In fact, one of their recent episodes (who pooped the bed) has a striking similarity to a funny story from my college days when we told everyone that Carl pooped the bed (which he really didn’t, but damn was it funny).

Mac doing a roundhouse kick

The strange pop culture references like mac wanting to be a cooler (like from Roadhouse) is downright genius and the physical humor is pretty darned good too.

Sweet Dee taking a header into a car door

Everyone should watch this show if for no other reason than to enjoy the references. Charlie is freakin’ hilarious and I want a Green man costume.
I have an awesome idea for an episode, maybe I’ll send it in. These guys are probably crazy enough to do it.

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