My first watch ever, a cat in the hat winder.

While rooting through a box in my basement, I came across something that I had no idea I still had. It was my very first watch, a cat-in-the-hat winder. I remember receiving this little treasure as a gift for xmas, probably around 1980. I was really young so memories are a little hazy, but I do remember wearing it proudly to grade school on it’s black leather band (now lost). I pulled this thing out of that box and it was like a blast from the past. Now that I have a 7 week old son, I find myself thinking about stuff I never, ever thought I’d spend mental cycles on, what kinds of things will he remember when he is my age? Will he save everything like I apparently did?
Amazingly enough, this watch still works. It’s a hand winder with some kind of a swiss movement. On the case back it reads:

Lafayette Watch Co
Swiss Made
Base Metal

The “crystal” appears to be some kind of hard plastic and it’s fairly scuffed but it actually keeps decent time. My mother could not believe that I still had it.

My very first watch.
My very first watch.

Now, if I could only find a replacement for my first digital watch.

This is the only reference I have ever seen to one of these. It was probably my all time favorite watch, I remember when it stopped working. I was pretty bummed. Mine was black and I remember receiving it as well. Great memories.

Recent finds

Lately I’ve been going through old boxes of stuff, organizing and cleaning up. I never really packed well, or unpacked some of the stuff from when before I was married, with many things just thrown in boxes with reckless abandon. In rifling through the ill-packaged containers of my junk, I’ve happened across some treasures. Here are some examples:

I’ve also found things like the glass and keychain from my senior prom as well as the dried corsage. I still have yet to find my nearly never worn Limited edition Star Wars fossil watch that Rebecca bought me in 1996. I know it’s down there somewhere.

My wife is the coolest….great 34th

My wife is super cool. Not only is she a great mom to our son, she’s smart, hot and actually listens to me when I talk about stuff I know she’s not interested in. Case in point, my birthday. I’ve always been a fan of watches and timepieces, and shes bought me several watches for my collection over the years.
This year we are a little busy and I actually forgot about my own birthday until she reminded me. All that aside, I’d been reading up on watches on my paternity leave from work and really learning about movement types, etc.
I’d been rambling (possibly incoherently) on about automatic watch movements for a few weeks and mentioned how I thought that it was cool that Orient still did their own automatic movement even after Seiko had purchased them.
Well, low and behold, she got me an Orient Dive watch…which I had planned on buying for myself at some point. That is cool enough, but she went above and beyond and got me a sweet zulu band for it from Panatime, probably the best source for getting bands.
I am truly blessed.