iPhone OS 3.0

Finally, finally, finally. The iPhone 3.0 OS that was announced this week is finally adding features that the original iPhone should have had. Features that some of which, other than a software addition, were always possible, not new, but nonetheless unavailable.
The features include:
Exchange 2007 remote search support
Read and compose email and text messages in landscape
…among many others.

Some screenshots, linked via BGR:

We’ve finally stepped out to 2004 with the addition of MMS. MMS is a luxury, I agree, but i used to use the heck out of it and the fact that it wasn’t available on such an elegant device such as the iPhone was, frankly, stupid. The argument that we should “email photos” holds no water since (being very generous) only 20% of people have smartphones that can get email.
Copy/Paste is also not new, but was something that I could understand not being in the first rev of the iPhone. The touchscreen implementation was completely new and I’m sure it was hard to get that aspect just right. A little late, but Kudos, apple.
Exchange 2007 remote search support….ehh, I don’t really care that much but I may care more if I have to switch to exchange for work email. Lets just hope we can have more than one ActiveSync account since now google offers a push calendar solution that I’m pretty much fully invested in.

Official apple page on the subject.

This looks pretty slick. I can’t wait.

Another tri?

Several people have mentioned triathlons to me in the last 2 weeks, which has me thinking…..could my injury riddled body, damaged from years of skateboarding, distance running, boxing and submission wrestling handle another triathlon?
I have not participated in one since 2006, and really not trained properly for one since 2005…..I have also not run any event runs or races since 2007 (or run at all since 2007 due to my very beat-to-hell back). Could I participate, perhaps not quite as competitively, in something like a sprint tri?
I should be able to train very little and still have no issues with something like a sprint….at least in my mind. The last event run I ran I did without training at all and finished respectably.

My limitations are annoying me lately. No more boxing. No more running. No more skateboarding.
Maybe I lived too hard, was too hard on my back and knees….who knows. I guess maybe I used up all of my “activity capital” when I was younger.
I did get the ol skateboard out the other morning and kicked around, just to prove that I could still at least do a few tricks cold. It was also a decent excuse for messing with iMovie 09. Here are the results:

My back didn’t hurt too bad when I was done. I may try and do the local sprint tri this year. It’s short enough and easy enough that I can probably do it with minimal prep and and it may just satisfy my need to prove to myself that I’m not totally falling apart.