Movies galore….

I’m a huge fan of movies and film.  I have a minor in film studies from Illinois State University and did (sometimes still do) a bit of video art.  I’ve embraced the technology at this point and use Netflix quite a bit and watch movies as I get time.

I have a fairly extensive DVD (and now Blue Ray) collection as well.
Here you can find the top few movies off of my Netflix queue.

There are going to be some kids movies on there now as well =)

So far, so good.

I’m liking the move back to blogger so far. I do miss some of the flexibility that wordpress gave me, but overall I’m willing to trade that for not running a database server anymore.  Blogger is available over IPv6 using the google over any v6 resolvers, which is very cool, and the VPS I moved to at ARP networks to host DNS and basic HTTP is also fully v6 native.
I’m also really, really liking the move to flickr for my photo hosting.  I paid for a pro account and have been very pleased with the integration and wealth of tools and apps.
I have to say, though, that the entire reason that this move was spawned (other than the fact that I’ve been thinking about it for a while) is that I installed an app called PicPush on my Android Nexus One .
This app allows me to automatically publish all images taken with my android device with 0 user intervention (and allows for a timer to to so; I have mine set to 15 minutes).
Here you can find all of the images in my “Mobile” flickr set.  There are things in there from as far back as my Treo 600, but most of the stuff is relatively new and always updating as I snap images.

“The Cloud”

Outside of networking (and even within networking to a certain extent), the buzzword of the day is “The cloud”.  All of your data will be in “the cloud”.  Think Skynet.  Cloud computing is how much of our data is handled today.  
What is that, you ask?  
Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computersand other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.”  –According to wikipedia.  
Why is this even remotely interesting?  Well, as of now, much of what I do has been moved into “the cloud”. My contacts are stored within google’s massive cloud, as are my emails, calendar, and now this blog text.  
I have an Android based phone now, even the config that my phone is built from is in the cloud.  I’ve moved my photos into flickr.  My mail is a Google Apps domain.  Why would I do such a thing, you ask?  Because it’s REALLY freakin’ convenient.  I don’t have to run a server anymore.  I don’t need to keep up spamassassin signatures or maintain any postgres or mysql databases.  
Its also scary.  All of my data is not under my control anymore.  Once it hits the internet, it’s never possible to know for sure it’s gone should I want it removed.  This is a frightening thing when one considers the privacy ramifications.  I’ve been slowly moving to this model over the last 5 or 6 years.  I was an early beta tester for the google apps and moved my mail around 2005.  Other data has been slowly migrating since then.  

Security is not convenient, and convenient is not often secure.  Lets hope our cloud overlords take pity on us when they take over the world.  

Another blogging move

My Blogging has come full circle.  I had originally investigated CMS/WYSIWYG type blogging years ago using blogger.  After about a year I moved it to my own self hosted service using newsbruiser, then to movable type, and finally to a self hosted wordpress instance.
Well, I’m moving all of my web hosting away from my colocated server and to other locations.  For my own stuff, I’ve move all of it back to blogger using a custom domain.
So far, so good.  All data imported, custom redirects (via apache on my ArpNetworks VPS) all working.  Custom domains up and running.  Google has really done a good job with the ghs adoption into blogger.
Now I just need to get my twitter feed integrated and images moved in and I should be good to go.
Hopefully it can stay here for years to come.  

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Twitter posts by Nick Buraglio for the week of 2010-08-01

  • RT @sullrich: WPA2 vulnerability found –uh oh 🙁 #
  • Android Receives a PlayStation (PSX) Emulator: PSX4Droid #
  • Google Maps Updates to Version 4.4, Adds Dedicated Places Icon #
  • Remove All Traces of AT&T from the Samsung Captivate #
  • Blah, I guess I’ll do a full wipe of my iPhone in hopes that it will suck less after. #HTC repair: Where is my Nexus One!?!?? #
  • Wow. “Screeching Weasel” made into the playlist tonight. Nice. #
  • …and now “don’t forget the chaos” by the exploited. A good playlist indeed. Kudos iTunes genius. #
  • I thought I wanted a dell streak…until I saw one next to an average sized smartphone. #
  • @pjdeckert that stuff (Lost Abbey Angel’s Share) is AMAZING. in reply to pjdeckert #
  • Urinal FAIL #
  • @ancker010 Yeah dude, I can’t sleep. 0230 is going to come way too soon. in reply to ancker010 #
  • 3 hours till big campus network upgrade. I might as well just stay awake I guess. #
  • ::bangs head on SRX:: #
  • Surprisingly alert for only 2 hours of spotty sleep in the last 36ish hours. #
  • Winding down for another attempt at some extreme networking tomorrow morning.. #Juniper #SRX #

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