Another blogging move

My Blogging has come full circle.  I had originally investigated CMS/WYSIWYG type blogging years ago using blogger.  After about a year I moved it to my own self hosted service using newsbruiser, then to movable type, and finally to a self hosted wordpress instance.
Well, I’m moving all of my web hosting away from my colocated server and to other locations.  For my own stuff, I’ve move all of it back to blogger using a custom domain.
So far, so good.  All data imported, custom redirects (via apache on my ArpNetworks VPS) all working.  Custom domains up and running.  Google has really done a good job with the ghs adoption into blogger.
Now I just need to get my twitter feed integrated and images moved in and I should be good to go.
Hopefully it can stay here for years to come.  

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