New Glarus Oktoberfest 2010; Tapping the Staghorn keg.

We went up to New Glarus, WI this past weekend to celebrate Oktoberfest. It was a fun filled weekend with a lot of good beer and good friends. A bit more low key than I expected, which was all the more appealing to me. Below is some bad cell phone footage of Dan Carey (brewmaster of NewGlarus Brewing Company) tapping the wooden staghorn keg (cask?) that I shot with my phone after several mugs of Staghorn.

It should also be noted that Dan was very approachable and personable, speaking with pretty much anyone that had questions, comments, etc.
I must admit that being a very amateur home brewer I was a bit intimated by someone as skilled at his trade as Dan is, but he was very cool and nice to talk to. My wife even requested that the Cherry Stout be made a regular offering (or at least made again).

New lens… inspiration.

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I got a new lens for my Canon XTi…..a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. Not the most expensive piece of photo equipment, but pretty much a no brainer at $98 for what it gets you.  I’ve shot some pretty darned good images with used, low to medium quality pawn shop lenses, so it seemed like a no-thought decision.
 Art is all about subject and inspiration, not equipment quality and technical prowess. Thats something that many folks have a hard time grasping in the photography and video art world.
I’m not saying Im great at anything, but I do find it very mentally therapeutic to get out my sketch pad or camera and just capture stuff (not as much as some good submission grappling, but pretty close).

I’ve really been getting back into shooting images lately, only 4 years after my wonderful wife encouraged it by getting me a digital replacement for my old, metal bodied Pentax 1000 that I used before and all through college.  Keep an eye on my flickr photostream if you’re interested, I have been publishing quite a bit.

The wormhole coffee shop

The video of The Wormhole Coffee Shop was sent to my by my younger brother today. This place looks to be so full of awesome; I had to watch this video twice. It’s like my childhood and my adulthood had a baby and that baby was an amazingly cool coffee shop! What is not to like about Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine!?!

I’ve never been there, but as soon as I get back up the Chicago area, I’ll be making a special trip to get some coffee at this place.  Any place that has a coffee drink named after a Ghostbusters character has to be pretty cool.


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I recently replaced my aging (and now scratched) Ray Ban sunglasses (RB 4009) with a pair of New Ray Ban Predator Ray Ban RB4026
series. The old ones had served me well (purchased in 2004; a replacement of my early 1990’s pair of the same style) but they’d recently been dropped and the lenses scratched pretty severely. So, how did I usher in the new pair? By dropping them like 4 hours after I bought them. Luckily no scratched lenses on the new pair so far…

Beautiful Losers

I had been wanting to see the film “Beautiful Losers” since I’d heard of it, and I finally had the opportunity to sit down and really enjoy it.  This is certainly a movie worth your time if you are interested in real artists, living and working like real artists in todays world.
I originally wanted to see this because of the heavy influence from the skateboarding world (a world I spent a very good deal of my youth in) but also because I had always aspired to be an artist (and even went and got a degree in arts and technology).  I have a great deal of respect for folks like Mark Gonzalez and especially Ed Templeton, for their great artwork and their fierce adherence to being creative and living life on their own terms.

Rent this, it’s worth your time.

Splintering of data

I’ve more or less realized that as I get older, my memory retention is getting worse. I have always had a pretty good memory, but it’s oddball things that I remember, like quotes from Ghostbusters or my friends phone numbers from grade school.
I’ve never been great at taking notes and so, to that end, I’ve decided to work on doing just that.
I have taken one of the many oddball domain names that I own, in this case and started documenting my technical (both work and non-work) related stuff there. I plan to use this site as more of a personal blog and as my personal tech-diary kinda thing.  I’ve already put a few posts up there detailing some Juniper SRX firewall/IDP things I’ve run into and have also added a Cisco AAA post.  Mostly I just want to detail some of the things that are odd, have poor documentation, are hard to find answers to or things that I just want to be able to reference later.  So, if you like geeky, network related cisco, juniper, foundry, and security related text, head on over.  Hopefully it won’t fizzle out and I can keep it updated.
Don’t expect it to be correct all of the time, or even relevant to the current techno-babble-buzzword-of-the-day. It’s mostly for me, but if you find it useful, thats great too.

Oh, and yes, coprophage is the consumption of feces.  Why do I own this domain?  Why not, I ask you. Why not.