WordPress woes.

I’m extremely irritated by the one last blog that I host on wordpress that I just can’t seem to get converted to any other format.
WordPress, while a very nice publishing platform, isn’t quite compliant with the XML standard in the way that they format their export files. So, what that means for anyone that has a decent sized blog that they want to move to anything other than wordpress, is that they may be out of luck. Google has a pretty robust set of blog conversion tools, which worked for me for all of my sites, personal and business……except for one. As stated here, wordpress2blogger gives me “not valid XML” error when trying to convert. I’ve cleaned this file as best I can by hand, but it’s enormous and I’m still missing pieces. It’s irritating and at this point I’m almost ready to keep this one as a one-off and install mysql, wordpress, etc., etc., etc…….

Thanks wordpress.