I enjoy beer. I

I enjoy beer. I don’t drink as much of it as I used to, but on occasion I like to down a few good ones (I’ll also down a few bad ones if that is all there is). I wouldn’t say I’m a “Beer Snob” as I’ve been known to drink anything from PBR, Natural Lite and Stag to a $12 imported porter. I’m not normally a big fan of the lighter stuff but I came across this ale, Smithwick’s. It’s just the right blend if what I like. A little bite but smooth at the end. From Realbeer.com:
“Made by Guinness in Ireland, Smithwick’s is inspired by John Smithwick’s original recipe, which was first brewed at St. Francis Abbey in Kilkenny, Ireland. St. Francis Abbey has been in operation since 1710, making it one of Ireland’s oldest breweries.”
I’d recommend trying this if you can find it (which has been my problem as of late). It’s smooth enough that a casual light beer drinker would probably enjoy it but flavorful enough that even a beer snob probably wouldn’t snicker. I’d really like to find some more of it, I had a 6 pack given to me and I just finished off the last one. I’ve tried looking online as well as every local place in Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington and other surrounding Central Illinois towns with no success. I hear tale that it’s found primarily in larger cities, St. Louis, Chicago, etc., but last time I looked in STL it I couldn’t find it there either (granted I didn’t look that hard). If anyone knows somewhere in Central IL (or online) that I can order this please let me know. I’d love to get my hands on some more.

training againSo I started training

training again

So I started training again after a month and a half of on-again off-again training and boy does it go quickly as you get older. The submission wrestling and cycling cardio are quick to slip away. Having been wrestling now for about 2 weeks (at 2 times a week, I’m not yet up to 4 again) I thought the cardio was a little better, but alas, as I hit the cycle at the gym this morning I was rudely awakened by tired legs and sucking wind. I’d really like to get a training rig and some mats for my basement but have not had the time or motivation to properly research it.

The breakup of the blog

The breakup of the blog really didn’t work. I have been so busy with work that I didn’t post at all. I had been traveling a lot lately, Seattle, Mexico, back to Seattle. All in all I was gone about a month. Seattle is probably the coolest US city I’ve been to, not as rain-soaked as many say. Both times I was there (a 4 day trip and an 11 day trip) for work it drizzled a bit but for the most part it was pretty nice. I would love to go again, it seems like the Pacific Northwest is somewhere I could stay for a while. Supercomputing was great as always, awesome food, cool projects, fun times. We did have time to hit the REI store, several of us climbed the pinnacle (which I had never done before).

I did the NCSA booth this year as well as worked with SCinet on various things. I had the best seafood that I’ve ever had in my life, if you are a fan of seafood I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to the Washington coast area. Some pics from the trip.

Something else announced, Force10 networkshas acquired a pretty cool little company; Meta Networks. For those that don’t know, Meta Networks makes a very cool IDS card that can do 10gig with minimal overhead to the host OS. At SC|05 they announced the purchase and gave a little talk regarding the product. Livio Ricciulli, the founder of Meta Networks was there to help with the product, which was used by SCinet to help secure the very high performance network. VERY cool stuff indeed. I like the idea of the programmable card (that can do a LOT of cool stuff) a little more than the way that Endace cards operate, although the endace 10gig cards are very nice as well.

I’m such a spaz.

I’m such a spaz. My interests are all over the place. I don’t think that just one blog is enough so therefore I’m playing with the idea of breaking it up into 3 categories. One of my friends, Mike Aref, has just put his training journal online and it has given me inspiration to do the same. I think I’ll be breaking up my blog into 3 blog-like sections, training, technical/geeky, and hobbies (like beer, film, games, travel, etc)….I hope this will do a few things, document my technical stuff, record my training and catalog my hobbie stuff. We shall see…..

Ahhh, many things have happened

Ahhh, many things have happened since my last post. I went to seattle to help with Scinet, Rebecca and I went to Mexico (cabo san lucas) for vacation, and I’ve been preparing for my return trip to Seattle for Supercomputing ’05. The one thing I hate about travel is that it interrupts my training schedule. I especially miss the submission wrestling and jiu jitsu, I even miss the conditioning. I had to miss 2 submission tournaments and have to miss one more. Kinda sucks, I have not done a tournament in a year now and really want to test myself again. Anyway, some exciting stuff is going on, working with the smart guys over at the pfsense project……just wait and see what comes out next. All of you router monkeys are going to like it….a lot. I’m also itching to do another tri or duathlon. I’m toying with the idea of doing one of the indoor ones in Janurary. Who knows….. I’ll post some pics from my next trip to Seattle (BTW, Seattle is very, very cool).

I came across this deal

I came across this deal at slickdeals.net. Yahoo has domain purchases for $1.99 per year. Normally I use godaddy but this was too good of a deal to pass up. I picked up nickburaglio.com again (I had let it lapse back in like 2000) for a couple of years for under $4.00 and moved the blog over to it. Not too bad of a deal for a self indulgent domain such as this.
On a less entertaining note, I noticed that all my i386 boxes that I own (which are old to begin with) are pretty much dead except one. It sucks since I’d really like to have a nice machine to run freebsd on. I wouldn’t want to run it on one of my macs and miss out on OS X.

I did the CU across

I did the CU across the prairie metric century ride this weekend. We started at about 0845 and got finished around 1330, not a bad time for someone as inexperienced as myself I think. We did stop at 2 rest stops along the way for water. It was pretty fun, I never realized that Monticello, IL had so many nice houses out in the country around there. The head winds sucked toward the end and we had gotten started a little late, so heat was a small factor too. I got pretty sunburned on my arms but I did learn some good technique from Mark, who is an experienced cyclist. It’s a fun ride, I’ll be doing it again next year I hope, but I do plan to get a road bike for any trip longer than 20 miles. The Trek 7300FX is a great bike, especially now with the thin road bike tires, perfect for riding to work every day, but I think I’d prefer a more aerodynamic bike for longer rides.

The other day I

The other day I came across pfsense while looking for stuff I could use on my openbsd based version of basically the same thing. I was intrigued by this because it was using altq as well as pf, which was the main reason that I was working on a similar product under openbsd. Upon actually installing it on a Soekris I was even more impressed. I installed it on a NET4801 with a wireless and crypto card and have been using it as my internet gateway for a few days. I am VERY impressed by the ease of use. The GUI looks to be mostly based on the M0n0wall but there are some major differences. There are wizards that help those that don’t know about traffic shaping set up some hfsc based QoS. There are many other “under the hood” enhancements like the fact that it’s based on FreeBSD 6-BETA2 (at the time of this writing) and not FreeBSD 4.10 (or maybe 4.11) like the M0n0wall. Most importantly for me, it uses pf + altq (from the OpenBSD project) which in my opinion is more robust and useful than iptables, ipfw(2) or even ipf. I’m hoping to either help out a bit with this project, take the gui and xml (and php) based stuff and port it to openbsd, or both. There are many, many more improvements, enhancements and features beyond the scope of this writing and this is a VERY useful project, please check it out and support them.