I finally got my photos moved over to a Gallery Install and stored in a nice postgres database…. iPhoto is the bomb, there are so many plugins that make it useful. iphoto2gallery is a marvelous tool. Kudos to the author, it’s very useful. There are also shutterfly exports, picasaweb export plugins, the list goes on and on. I guess I’m just spoiled by the fact that I never have to use a windows box.
I figured I’d use the fact that Rebecca got me a Canon EOS Rebel XTI for xmas as a driving factor…(and WOW does it take nice images!), not to mention the fact that we’ve got a new friend in the house.

Ice sucks.

Check out how slick this road is! Crazy. It looks like a game of bumper cars and seems to go on forever:

Speaking of crummy weather, my less-than-a-year-old subaru had a branch fall on it this weekend and literally shatter out the hatchback window due to high winds. Very uncool, very inconvenient. It had to be a freak thing, the place it hit was right above the body, which basically took out the entire back window. Not fun. At least there was very minimal body damage.

Fun, huh?