Sweet Cider (based on edwort’s

Sweet Cider (based on edwort’s apfelwein)

3 gallon batch
Use 100% Apple juice, no preservatives.  (Indian Summer is a good brand, I believe I used the generic equivalent that was readily available)
Added 1/3 gallon of 100% juice to 6.5 gallon carboy
Added 1/2 # of corn sugar to remaining amount in bottle.
Mixed (shook) until dissolved.  
Added remainder to carboy
Repeat 1x
Pitched 1 packet Nottingham ale yeast right through funnel
Added final gallon to carboy to wash down remaining yeast. 
I forgot to take a gravity reading at brew time =(
Gravity is 1.001
Racked onto 32oz 100% raspberry juice into a 3 gallon carboy.
I had enough left over for 1 22oz bottle so I added ~1 oz of 100% apple juice (same brand) and bottled it.  
Initial impressions from tasking the reading sample:
It seems a little more cider-ish than Edwort’s apfelwein but definitely sweeter.  Not overwhelmingly sweet, but like I expect a cider to be. 
I plan to let it sit another week or 2 and then bottle condition / carb.  

Chloe’s cream aleFrom the BrewBlog

Chloe’s cream ale

From the BrewBlog of Nick Buraglio
Champaign, IL USA

Printed January 27, 2008
Style: Cream Ale
Brew Date: December 27, 2007
Batch No: 8
OG: 1.049
Reading 1: 1.020   (8 days)
Status: Secondary
General Information
Method: Partial Mash
Cost: $45

Based loosely on the AHS cream ale and Cheesefood’s caramel cream ale.  


3.00 pounds DME – Extra Light 60% of grist
1.00 pounds DME – Light 20% of grist
4.00 pounds Total Extract Weight 80% of grist
1.00 pounds Crystal Malt 60L 20% of grist
1.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 20% of grist
1.00 ounces Cascade Pellets @ 60 minutes 
Type: Bittering and Aroma
Use: Boil
0.50 ounces Williamette Pellets 
Type: Bittering
Use: Boil
0.50 ounces Cluster Pellets 
Type: Aroma
Use: Aroma
2.00 ounces Total Hop Weight  
Danstar Nottingham brewers yeast — Dry — 11G
Mash Type: Infusion
Grain Amt. 1 pounds
Water Profile
Source: Both spring water and champaign MWS
Notes: 1 gallon of sams spring water and 4 gallons of C-U MWS

Poured 3 gallons of water in boil kettle on high heat.

Added 1lb of Briess 60L crystal Malt

Steeped for 45 min.    

Put 2 gallons of tap (CU MCWS) water into primary.  

@ 45 min in added 1oz cascade hops

@ 40 min added 3lb Extra light DME

@ 38 min added 1lb plain wheat

 @35 minutes added 8oz malto dextrin

Lots of stirring 

@ 30 minutes added .5oz willamette hops pellets

@ 29 min added 1.5 cups lactos

reduced heat by 1/3 

lots more stirring

Smells pretty dared good so far 

@ 10 min added  1tblsp irish moss

@ 5 min removed heat

@ 5 min added .5oz culster hops pellets

@ wort chill added 2 fl oz azteca pure vanilla extract

 Added wort to fermenting bucket @ 80 degrees F

pitched yeast and stirred.   

OG 1.049 

Gravity on 01/04/2007 1.020 

 Racked to Secondary on 01/04/2007 


Primary: 8 days @ 67° F
BJCP Style Info
Style: Cream Ale
O.G.: 1.044 – 1.055
F.G.: 1.006 – 1.012
ABV: 3.8 – 5.5%
Bitterness: 15 – 20 IBUs
Color: 02 – 05 SRM
A clean, well-attenuated, flavorful American lawnmower beer.
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URL: http://buraglio.com/nick/brew/sections/print.inc.php?brewStyle=Cream%20Ale&id=11

Honey Light Lager From

Honey Light Lager

From the BrewBlog of Nick Buraglio
Champaign, IL USA

Printed January 26, 2008
Style: Premium American Lager
Yield: 5 gallons
OG: 1.039
General Information
Method: Partial Mash
3.00 pounds DME – Light 75% of grist
3.00 pounds Total Extract Weight 75% of grist
1.00 pounds Crystal Malt 20L 25% of grist
1.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 25% of grist
2.50 pounds Honey (Clover)  
White Labs Pilsner Lager yeast 1800ctp3115011 — Liquid — 35ml

Added 1.5 Gallons spring water to pot 

Added 3lb Extra light DME

Added 2.5lb Honey (from Chestnut apiary)

Added 1lb 20L crystal malt

Added 1.5oz Cascade hop pellets

Added extra 1/2 cup of extra light DME (I had it around) 

Heated to boil

Removed the Grains @ 40 Min

Continue to boil and stir

Added .5oz cascade hop pellets @ 3 min 

Sparge directly into 3.5 gallons of cold water 


Waited till temp was around 75-80 and pitched Pilsner Lager yeast 1800ctp3115011 (White Labs) 

Target gravity was supposed to be 1.048 –  1.052

but it was 1.039-1.040

FG should be  1.004 – 1.008



So far the yeast seems to be doing it’s job.  Smells great. 


Gravity is 1.011

It still has a lot of krausen.


BJCP Style Info
Style: Premium American Lager
O.G.: 1.046 – 1.056
F.G.: 1.008 – 1.012
ABV: 4.7 – 6.0%
Bitterness: 15 – 25 IBUs
Color: 02 – 06 SRM
Premium beers tend to have fewer adjuncts than standard/lite lagers, and can be all-malt. Strong flavors are a fault, but premium lagers have more flavor than standard/lite lagers. A broad category of international mass-market lagers ranging from up-scale American lagers to the typical “import” or “green bottle” international beers found in America.
Brew Day Data
Strike Water Amount: __________
Strike Water Temp: __________
Mash Temp: __________
Mash Time: __________
Sparge Water Amount: __________
Sparge Water Temp: __________
Pre-Boil Gravity: __________
Pre-Boil Amount: __________
Boil Time: __________
O.G.: __________
__________________ __________
__________________ __________
__________________ __________

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