Brewing extravaganza……

Since I’ve aggravated a (likely very old) back injury once again and can’t train or work out nearly as much as I used to until it’s healed, I have decided to try my hand at making beer….and wine (or is it cider?)….and mead….

I’ve gone a little overboard.

I’ve bottled my first batch, an English Brown ale, and after bottle conditioning for about 2 weeks it’s actually pretty darned good. Nice and clear, not cloudy like I would have expected. I got a little anxious waiting for the beer so I threw together a spiced orange mead based on the recipe Ancient Orange Cinnamon & Clove Mead.

Cut to 3 weeks later….I now have a Vanilla Porter, a batch of Apfelwein and a 1 Gallon batch of Cherry Grape Mead.

I can’t wait to try the porter, it should be great. The apfelwein I’ll likely give away most of unless Rebecca likes it since I don’t really drink wine or cider (plus I have 5 gallons of it!).

I’m very excited about the mead. I’ve really only had mead once and I enjoyed the flavor very much.

I’ve found some really good resources for brewing, too. How to brew (site and book) has everything any beginning (or experienced) brewer would ever want to know. The message board Home Brew Talk also has a wealth of very knowledgeable and friendly folks over there. I’ve found that site to be indispensable so far.
It’s a fun hobby. I find myself spending a lot of time at night reading recipes and techniques then itching to try them out…

Google phone plans to be announced Monday

This could easily be as big as the iPhone….

The long-awaited announcement of Google’s phone plans will occur earlier than expected, and not in the form previously laid out, says the Wall Street Journal. While it had been suggested that an announcement would come November 13th at the earliest, the Journal’s sources say that it will mostly likely happen Monday, November 13th at the earliest, the Journal’s sources say that it will mostly likely happen Monday, November 5th, and with different carriers. T-Mobile is still involved, but the other main party is said to be Sprint. Foreign carriers may be included, but have not been mentioned.
Google is again said to be working with cellular networks and phone makers to promote an “open” application platform, courting companies such as HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. With T-Mobile Google is claimed to be going even further, cooperating directly on building phones using its software. When the efforts of any of these collaborations might bear fruit remains unknown, but Journal proposes that the earliest date for sale of a Google-ready phone would be mid-2008.

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