Well, too many years of

Well, too many years of skateboarding have taken their toll on my 30 year old body. An old injury from ~10 years ago has once again reared it’s ugly head. After doing my normal Saturday morning workout and doing one 5 minute round my back started to tighten up. By the time I had gotten home I could barely get out of the car. So much for training hard for the mini triathlon that I’m (hopefully still) doing. Now that I can’t get off the chair I’ve been really scouring the net for other little activities I can do. If I can get back to training soon I think I may also try to do the duathlon in Charleston, IL. Who knows, I hope to feel better in a few days.
I’ve also been looking at getting a road bike. Champaign Cycles has some REALLY good deals on both the Trek 1200 and Trek 1000. They also have a good price on a Lemond that is my size.

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