Making mead. A simple process.

I’ve been making mead as long as I’ve been making beer, and frankly, mead is much easier. I’m not a big wine drinker or really even a fan of wine, but mead is so easy to make and it turns out well with minimal work so I make it a few times a year. Here is a quick and dirty howto on making simple, traditional mead that I threw together a few nights ago:

Mead is a good choice for those wanting to start with zymology, as it takes few ingredients and can be done on a budget. Mead is simple. Many folks, like in brewing, have a lot to say about checking this and that, boiling the must, etc.
I choose to go very basic, start with a base mead and then add fruit later.
If you’re interested in making mead and want some quick mead recipes or just general information, check out, they have links and a wealth of information on the subject.

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