Finnish war mead – SotaSima

Based on some comments in the thread of my how to make simple mead how-to video, I threw together this 1 gallon batch of “Sotasima” or “Finnish War mead” based on this recipe. I, of course, took out the refined sugar and substituted honey. Here is the result:

I don’t think I’d make it again, it’s very tart regardless of the fact that it’s been bulk aging for a year and that I used a sweet yeast. It was a fun project, though!

2 thoughts on “Finnish war mead – SotaSima”

  1. what ratio did you use to replace the refined sugar with honey? Also, did you just replace the white sugar with honey or did you also replace the brown sugar as well?

    1. I have never used refined sugar so I have no real ratio, I generally use a gallon of honey for ~4 gallons of water and adjust accordingly based on how much I want to produce. On occasion I’ll add other types of honey in smaller amounts in addition to alter flavor.

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